Slacketty Railroad

I’ve been lazy.

But working on getting stuff done again now.
I have been working on quite a few projects that are rather large, so there’s not much to show aside from progress images (which I will try to show more of or there will never be anything!)

I can’t show you, but it’s big. Very big.


You remember that one I was doing for my brother? Well I finally got around to doing more, even it doesn’t look like much, it is – for me. Foreshortening is a bitch.
For those who have no idea on Transformers, this one is Cyclonus (he was introduced in Transformers; The Movie. If you haven’t seen the original – which is older than I am – I’m afraid we can’t be friends 😛 )

You think I could find beard references at that angle? NO!

You think I could find beard references at that angle? NO!

My bro does have a truly epic beard and this image does it no justice!

And that other thing I was doing for my Dad but didn’t want to show?

Yeah, that's me Dad :D

Yeah, that’s me Dad 😀

This year I want to make everyone a Christmas present with some real love and pizzazz. So I have my Dad and my older bro covered, which leaves… Mum, 2 younger brothers, sister, Sister-in-law, 2 brother-in-laws, mother/father-in-law and some of my mates if I get time. Lots of planning to do! Should keep me busy up until Christmas anyway. I plan on turning them all into wall scrolls or laminated posters for longevity.

Wednesday I was doodling while watching the RT Podcast and I got this: (Manga studio 5 is much nicer for doodling I find)

That's supposed to be Barbara... The rest is just practice randomness

That’s supposed to be Barbara… The rest is just practice randomness


And I forgot I also had this one:
This was done following Dan LuVisi’s Tutorial for arms. He is an amazing and inspirational artist and I recommend everyone go check out his work, it’s phenomenal!

Thanks Dan, you da man!

Thanks Dan, you da man!

This was done completely in Photoshop, which I thought would be impossible for me to do. So yeah 😀

Other than that, I’ve been trying to paint a Tyranid for a local game store competition, but the lighting sucks for taking photos and it still looks like poo. Nothing for you!
Now have a Drop Pod for my Space Wolves, but I haven’t put it together yet. Still debating if to make it a troop or dreadnought pod. But my GOD Murderfang is a BEAST (based on the one game i’ve used him in…Still, 8 attacks on the charge, ermagherd)

Last night I watched Pacific Rim again.
I can’t decide if I like it or not. It has good and bad parts.
My son fell asleep on his little kid couch and I hadn’t gotten around to moving him to bed and he woke up mid movie and refused to go to bed and stuck to me like a limpet. So he watched the movie with me. I realise that’s  bit of parenting fail given he’s only 3 and a half, but he seemed to take it well. He thought it was Alien Dinos vs Robots, so it’s all good. The only thing I worry about is the part when the Kaiju hatchling ate Ron Perlman, however he didn’t bat an eyelid. Afterwards, he went to bed like a good boy and didn’t wake up upset at all, which seems like a winner!


And Then…

And then I went on holiday.
To Japan.

It was epic.

Seriously, I loved it. While i’ve been taking Japanese lessons, I stopped after I had my daughter (she’s almost 8 months old now) and resumed class about 2 weeks before I left. To say I was rusty was an understatement. Every time I was faced with conversational opportunities (or even just speaking opportunities) my brain shut down and I turned into a gibbering knobhead.
My poor brain has a hard enough time allowing me to speak English with relative coherency so I was doomed from the start.

I took a bajillion photos and it was, again, just awesome. My sister and I developed a taste for Japanese curry and the arcade game Mai Mai. Which as we dubbed it; “Circular Guitar Hero”. Look it up. It was nuts.
Too many photos to post.

Which leads me to:

Today I was getting ready to go out and ‘The Wolverine’ was on. While I was out I saw ‘X-Men Days of Future Past’. When I came home, ‘X-men’ was on.
OoOoOoOoOOoOooOooOoo! What a twist.
I got to see Hugh Jackman naked. Made it an even better day!!

Here’s what I have been working on the last little while:
I’ve fallen out of sketch ability again, I should play less games (but it’s my social time D: !)


Beastly’s are hard to draw. I feel my anatomy is off, even with the fictional nature.



Updated character heads. All based on people now. Though I think the top right one is better before. And the middle left hair will change…


WIP. For my big bro!


Got some modelling supplies in and after Japan. I’m finally going to try move forward with my special Chapter. Now all I need to do is sculpt wolf skulls that’ll fit over shoulder pads. So far i’ve been attempting with putty and green stuff but it’s really hard. I’ve also just downloaded a free 3D program, Sculptris, to see if I can’t create then digitally and then have them printed. Coz I need them for ALL my dudes. Seriously. All of them…
Also, been converting my Statue to be very Wolf-like

Hard to do small detail.

Hard to do small detail.


Spaaaaace Woooooolves!


And showing the shield and sword work so far.

Scribble Frenzy

When I sat down with the intent of drawing the other day, my brain melted and I couldn’t think of anything I wanted to draw. So I tried to draw some Ninja Turtles for my son = major FAIL.

Which led me to searching online  for ideas and I found a website where you can set photographs on a time limit with models in many poses.

So I set it to 60 seconds and went to town filling up the last few pages of my sketch book.

Which was 17 pages:


The goal is to now draw them all flesh-like and choose some interesting clothing etc to come full circle.
I wasn’t giving preferential treatment to women either, it was on random, both nude and clothed.
Skipped a few poses with bad lighting.

If anyone out there wants to use these to paint over (or anything) for what ever reason, feel free. In the event you do, I would love to see!


Signed to a free webinar through CGMA academy with Ron Lemen. For the Americans it was 12pm-1pm Sunday – For me, it was 5am-6am. It gave me some really helpful insights into figure drawing and anatomy work. Very glad I dragged my tired arse out of bed!


That aside, I started working on my story again. Mostly because my Photoshop died after my windows re-install and I can’t keep going with my fan art – not too bad considering if I had have gotten it finished they’re moving office right now anyhoot.

Story wise, I’ve decided to base my characters looks on real people – mostly so that I can have a visual reference while my skills are still a little lacking. In part because I showed my husband my previous sketches and he said they all looked the same T_T
I’d love to make it into a graphic novel – I can’t recall if I said that previously (memory like a sieve). It’s got a lot of work to go though. Storywise I think i’m going to try wrangle my sister into being my editor and the like – she’s pretty rad with the literacy and such (gifted in fact, unlike myself).

Things and Stuff

School Holidays have hit. I’m pretty busy with work.

I finally got my logo finished for work. I completely re-worked it in illustrator, with only very basic knowledge. Thus i’m pretty proud.
Sadly I can’t show you. But it and the camo tile i created are now implemented in/on our new banner and business cards! Happy feeling. Now I have to re-do all the website graphics.
Mind you most of my knowledge is based on learning I did in school over 12 years ago. Other than what I re-learned in my Digital art class at TAFE (Photoshop/Illustrator).
To those people who post tutorials online, either picture post of video, I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!

I have been trying to work on a design for my dad for his birthday. Though I realise now i’m not going to get it to him before his b’day because I lost ALL sense of time – I will also be in Japan then too. On the off chance he stumbles upon my blog, I am going to refrain from any spoilers. I can tell you that my art idea does seem sound based on information I have collected 😀

Aside from that I have been working on some fan art. I have a sneak peek for you:


It’s a mixup of large proportions!

You can now see a little of how I work.
First I start with the skeletons, then I draw the flesh, then I draw the details. Everything is on its own separate layer in PS. Important or details i’m not sure of go on their own layers too. I like to use different colours so I’m less likely to get things mixed up. It also means I can see which things are overlapping etc without confusing shapes. I love layers. I’ve had over 150 layers before. Thank-god for groups though!

Last week my husband and I went up the hill to for work, as an activity for a high school camp. The same high school I went to. It’s still really weird being on the other side of the fence, being with some of the very same teachers 9 years later! My favourite teacher was there this year – my art and digital art teacher. He’s a rad dude.
While I was up I took with me my sketch book as well as a crochet needle and wool.
Yes. Crochet. I plan on making my daughter a viking beanie. Only that tutorials are harder because there are English and American crochet terms. I had a lot of trouble and didn’t get very far. I’ll post pic later when it doesn’t look like a tangled scrap hahah!

But I did draw these:
Do pardon, I had to use my phone camera!


Eye can see you…

I drew these looking at a reference sheet by Moni158. She is brilliant. I discovered her by random and have been hooked on her art ever since. It’s so vibrant and awesome. And delicious. I recommend you go take a look at her gallery. If you love Attack on Titan you’ll love her stuff.

Also trying to practice with my Copic marker.


You can see them evolve as I get into it…


“The official pimp T.O.P”
Started adding lines.

I’m big into K-pop at the moment. Much to the horror of half of my family members. Bigbang features heavily as my 3 year old son really digs it too. Though he’s constantly asking for G-Dragon.
Here’s something I prepared earlier!


GD – Fantastic Baby/Monster mix

I have good days and bad days. Though most days I end up doing nothing because I want to do everything T_T

I’M FREAKING GOING TO JAPAN IN JUST OVER A MONTH. ERMAGHERD!!! Im going to buy THINGS and STUFF!! Pity my Japanese has gotten rusty since I had to drop my lessons to actually afford to save money to go to Japan (what a sad twist of fate)

Do Robots Dream?

With the release of Titanfall coming, I decided to reformat my computer! I’ve upgraded to Windows 7 64-bit rather than 32, and so far it’s been dreamy! All of my things work so much better – I wish it was that easy for me to work better. Perhaps it could be, since my older siblings have been trying to convince me I am a robot since I was little…

If I were a robot, I would want to be like Six ❤

I’ve partitioned my old HD in half, one for windows/programs etc, the other purely for game related doodadery. A full 230gig for games, with only 50gig left remaining…
My other HD is 150gig for all of my crap – art, work, pictures, music, videos with only 32gig left. One could say I am a hoarder, but I do like to keep several versions of all of my art rather than as a continuous save – you might think it’s weird but it works and has saved my arse plenty of times. Some of the files do get quite large.
My music folder is about 25gig itself (though I have been branching out with Spotify, an online streaming service, since I can’t afford new music and refuse to touch iTunes)
Videos is about 37gig, though most of the movies I have re-watched whist feeding my daughter over her 4.5 month existence. Though I could re-watch Firefly forever (Just watched them all again). Shiny!

I have this shirt and it makes me happy.

But in all of my eagerness to upgrade to prefare for the awesomeness that will be Titanfall, I accidentally missed backing up some of my save game data. The kind that isn’t in the actual folder the game is in – which to me is a most silly idea. Which means I lost all of my Mass Effect saves D:!!

Sad Shepard is Sad.

Guess I’ll just have to play them all again! This time with all the DLC that I missed. YAY!! I mean what a shame… no, it’s still a yay. MAKO DRIVING HERE I COME!! Vroom vroom.
Yeah it totally sucked, but I can’t *not* try and get all the stuff – especially with new bits to play! (wow that sounded awful)

Not a lot of practical work going on between the children and the husband and my set aside nights for regular gaming with friends online. I play ME3 Multiplayer 1-2 times a week if i’m lucky with some friends. We’re regularly doing Gold games, which is fun since we were doing silver for the longest time – I’m in now way ready for Platinum! One of the guys I play with is pretty hardcore, an achievement hunter and a down-right kick-arse player. If we’re doing a Silver game, i’ll be a Krogan Vanguard and smack bitches in the face. Sometimes i’ll get sync killed, usually by a Praetorian, but HOLY COW do I have some epic fun!

SO. Artwork.
Did some character heads for my story.


Getting there. Although Miss Orange I don’t like atm – she was drawn last, like the art dregs. She’s not final, I like where the others are at.

Right now i’m working on some fan art. Mass Effect related. So it all comes full circle.
Then I’m thinking about doing an Eeveelution series (Pokemon for any who don’t know)


Why? Because that’s my name, Evie. Same pronunciation. It got me not end of teasing as a kid. Pokemon hit my neighbourhood  big when I was 11. When we’d play handball in the primary school lunch hour the boys would throw the tennis balls at me, trying to “catch” me. Or whenever it my my turn to start they’d say “Go, Evie, Go”.
Out of a weird twist of fate (perhaps) most of the eeveelutions are some of my favourite pokemon.

Aside from that I have been working on a camouflage tile in Illustrator for work. It’s pretty much ready, I just have to fine tune the colours and super-double-check all the seams match before I get to work re-designing basically all the work, well, everything (Logo, Stationary, Banner/Sign). Our sign got stolen, so we need a new one anyway.

As well as some anatomy studies:


Muscle-y Lady Back! Dat ass


Bonus: My craptastic handwriting!

Art Blockage

The last couple of weeks i’ve been literally filled with ideas and stuff for a story I want to write/draw. From something so small that I wrote when I was 18, the whole concept has evolved so much! It gets me really excited!
So much that I finally sat down to try to some character and critter doodles and had a total brain fart.


There I was, sitting down with NO distractions with the sole purpose, will and dedication to draw and nothing was working.
To say I was frustrated would be an understatement :/

Here is what I managed to accomplish:


Lookit mah crappiness!

Could not for the life of me manage to get a dragon skeleton worked out in my head. Barrel chest, yup, kinda like a horse or big cat… *scribble scibble* yuk [delete].
Rinse and Repeat.
Eventually I went so far as to buy a Dragon Skeleton to work with in Poser (my skills are SO limited it’s not funny, but it’s great for references and well, posing!) and still managed to be completely miserable with the above, even with the skeletal frame underneath.

I knew what I wanted to draw and that’s nothing like it T_T

Fortunately it hasn’t stemmed my enthusiasm. I also trying to think of the bigger picture too. This is all very ambitious of me and I am aware I’m still not at a level where I feel comfortable with digging in – so i’m just going to stick to doodling and getting my story settled.

Oh, yeah, it’s got Dragons…

The Three “Musketeers”

Just a quick update.
I drew a poster for a friend of mine down the other end of the country. I promised her i’d draw it when she first left town about 3 years ago. So I finally pulled my head out of my arse and got to work. It took me a while to get it finished through dead art days and some hair-pulling times of trying to get everything to work right. Now that she has it, I can show it off. It was still a surprise for her after all 😀

I had the thumbnail image worked out forever, so blew-it up and fixed the sketch in Photoshop before swapping to Illustrator for the line work. I had not used Illustrator in that fashion beforehand. I had a really frustrating time working things out with live paint etc – eventually I got it after watching some tutorials online. All the shading etc was done in Photoshop due to familiarity.

Found this great place based in the US called Custom Wall Scrolls that offered exactly that; Wall Scrolls. So I ordered a couple of large ones with my artwork. The quality of the scroll is really awesome!


An unlikely trio!

On other news I had started to try draw a woman, failed. Then wanted to turn her into a robot or cyborg and just ended up staring at my sketch pad for about half an hour before going /headdesk.
All of a sudden a few days ago, boop. Sketch complete. Her original pose was fairly static, so yeah. Consider her in power-up or recharge mode… or something…


Illustrator Inked. Hard to get lines to match, need more practice.

This is a big deal for me, I’ve never drawn a robot/cyborg/mecha/android like this before. The last closest things was a dude I draw in high school with his flesh peeling off revealing a robot-like skull underneath – in a very mediocre way.